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Deloitte is hiring a  Global Audit Transformation Project Manager!


Global Audit Transformation Project Manager

Position summary

The Global Audit Workflow team seeks highly motivated Audit & Assurance professionals with a keen interest in envisioning the future and learning new skills as we reengineer and continuously improve our audit processes and design the audit of the future.

Specifically, the Project Manager will:

  • Be instrumental in the development & deployment of the Deloitte Way Workflow (DWW).
  • Process reengineering and transformation of method of performing audits.
  • Develop the DWW for specific areas, using an Agile and Lean Six Sigma (“Lean”) approach. 
  • Be a problem solver, innovative / creative thinker, and have a proactive approach to enable successful creation of standardized DWW solutions.
  • Become thought leader and key team member in transforming our audits through identification of use of analytics, methodology, technology, innovation applications, and audit delivery centers.
  • Identify and determine elements of digital journey for the audit practice

The successful candidate will:

  • Have direct access to a broad set of global audit and cross functional professionals and exposure to audit leadership, audit quality leaders, and LCSPs, providing a great opportunity to build network as they work together to build the audit of the future today.
  • Develop skills and experiences aligned with the firm’s strategy, and be able to demonstrate the impact they have on the future of our audit practice.
  • Work as a member of a global team, with team members from each of our member firms.
  • Participate in problem definition and solutions development impacting the DTTL Member Firm network.
  • Explore new industries and areas of the audit. Learn new operational skills in the application of Agile and Lean techniques.

We are seeking a full-time dedicated resource. Requirement for candidate to be located in Tampa or willing to travel on a weekly basis.

Roles and Responsibilities:

In this dynamic and highly visible role, you’ll:

  • Be instrumental in the development & deployment of the global Deloitte Way Workflow (DWW).
  • Execute the day-to-day activities of a specific workflow team, leading to the successful development of the standardized DWW for defined areas, using an Agile and Lean approach. 
  • Research and analyze current audit practices in the execution of audits, propose alternative approaches and methods to improve audit delivery efficiency.
  • Creatively solve problems identified in audit execution in a proactive approach to enable successful delivery of a standardized DWW solution.
  • Transform the DWW through use of analytics, methodology, technology, innovation applications, and audit delivery centers.
  • Be a self-starter–take full responsibility for assigned day-to-day activities within a specific product development team consisting of experienced auditors and audit subject matter experts.
  • Analyze current audit practices to identify waste, and develop specific proposals to eliminate this waste in the execution of audits.
  • Work to create solutions to support our audit approach (audit tools and templates).
  • Project management–Participate in a team applying Agile project management techniques.
  • Stakeholder engagement–interact with multiple stakeholders at all levels within the Deloitte global organization, and develop working relationships and alignment to the DWW.
  • Innovation–identify opportunities to ‘push the boundaries’ for the DWW by introducing analytics, methodology, technology, innovation applications, and audit delivery centers.
  • Owns aspects of the assigned workstream area, from problem identification, proposing solution designs, and solution creation. As a team member will execute assigned activities, identify obstacles and propose solutions.

What you’ll be part of—our Deloitte Global culture:

At Deloitte, we expect results. Incredible—tangible—results. And Deloitte Global professionals play a unique role in delivering those results. We reach across disciplines and borders to serve our global organization. We are the engine of Deloitte. We develop and lead global strategies and provide programs and services that unite our network.


In Deloitte Global, everyone has an opportunity to lead. We see the importance of your perspective and your ability to create value. We want you to fit in—with an inclusive culture, focus on work-life fit and well-being, and a supportive, connected environment; but we also want you to stand out—with opportunities to have a strategic impact, innovate, and take the risks necessary to make your mark.


Deloitte Global supports our talented professionals in answering the question: What impact will you make?

Who you’ll work with:

Deloitte’s Audit & Assurance practice is transforming its business to achieve its 2020 vision to be the undisputed leader in the marketplace. The transformation will create a sustainable, successful business in response to current market demands, our desire to lead the profession, get ahead of regulatory dynamics, and disrupt the Audit market in an ever-evolving digital era.


The transformation represents a significant change management challenge given the culture and history of the organization and the member firm model. A framework and roadmap have been developed to execute the transformation and the intent is to deliver it in an agile manner.


The Audit & Assurance Transformation Program is a multi-year effort Deloitte has undertaken to transform its Audit and Assurance portfolio. In short, it is:

  • A global transformation, coordinated effort across all Member Firms.
  • An initiative that will identify opportunities to make our core business more efficient and effective.
  • A transformation that will enable the firm to redesign and reimagine Audit in response to internal and external pressures.
  • Will result in delivering Audit and Assurance services with consistency and rigor.

The Global Audit team is driving transformation across the member firms through teams dedicated to focus on different topics, which include Deloitte Way Workflow (“DWW”). DWW is a standard, efficient “Deloitte Way” of performing audits, with quality embedded, able to accommodate the range of clients we serve. The DWW will serve as the blueprint for the development of our audit platform of the future – Project Symphony; establish the base for Analytics of the Future; provide a consistent experience for where and how are work is to be performed in centers of excellence and delivery centers; and provide a basis for the deployment and adoption of existing technologies and the identification of opportunity for future innovation.



All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or protected veteran status, or any other legally protected basis, in accordance with applicable law.

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