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A list of Industries

Financial & Professional Services

For more than 40 years, Tampa Bay has offered a competitive alternative to the traditional financial centers of New York, Chicago and Boston. We’re cost effective and a cool place to live, so we’ve caught the eye of some of the top names in banking, finance, and insurance.

Manufacturing, Distribution & Logistics

As the second largest base of manufacturing in Florida, Tampa Bay is a source of innovation for a wide range of industries. From precise military specifications to the creation and development of medical devices, and manufacturing in highly regulated industries, our businesses are advancing modern manufacturing technology and making an impact across the globe. Tampa… Read more »

Life Sciences & Health Care

Tampa Bay is at the epicenter of medical innovation. More than 7,000 life sciences and health care companies operate in the area. Additionally, 14% of Florida’s biotech companies and 22% of the state’s pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing workforce call it home. Plus, with an average salary of $60k+ per year, Tampa Bay is looking even… Read more »

Defense & Security

Tampa Bay is home to MacDill Air Force Base and a $14 billion (with a “b”) military industry.