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Senior Software Engineer

Rapid7 is hiring a Senior Software Engineer


Security operations teams are underserved. Impactful outcomes are few and far between and cost more than expected. Hundreds of security vendors build solutions for 1% of companies who have 10x more of everything, yet still get breached. The security gap grows wider daily; security operations teams deserve better.

At Rapid7, we can close the gap by serving customers intentionally. We choose to believe:

Our Opportunity:

Across the Rapid7 customers, there exists a shared need to be able to manage, track, prioritize, and collaborate on security work. This work can originate from any one of our existing Rapid7 products on the Insight Platform, deployed third party solutions, or even as manually raised requests. Additionally, the subsequent response processes that a team must follow may involve accessing data or taking action within any of the aforementioned systems.

To help solve this need and to strengthen our position as a security platform, our team believes a shared system that will enable our customers to track all of their security work streams and security tasks in a singular location is necessary. This shared system would further unlock platform value for our users by making it easier to aggregate all known security tasks, combine platform data in logical and customer defined ways, and drive response actions in a prioritized manner.

Team Mission:

Most cybersecurity companies focus on purely Detection and Response use-cases. We’re building the world’s first Platform Case Management system that will tie in Cloud Security, Vulnerability Management, and Detection and Response use-cases to give customers a holistic view of data as it relates to their security events. The Platform Case Management tool will help security teams realize an effective systematic method of handling security work across their whole environment that arises from all of the information and intelligence at their disposal—and track, confirm, and collaborate on its proper resolution to ensure all security gaps are closed to the acceptable level of risk.

What you’ll do:

What you’ll bring:

What’s in it for you:

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