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Manager, Medical 3D Visualization and Printing Lab

USF Health is hiring a Manager, Medical 3D Visualization and Printing Lab


USF Health is seeking an expert in the field of medical 3D visualization and printing to manage the daily operations of the Medical 3D Printing Lab supporting the daily clinical and research mission for USF Health and TGH. The lab is located at our academic teaching hospital, Tampa General Hospital (TGH), in partnership with USF Health. This position will have the opportunity to make a positive impact in patient care and outcomes, enhancing operative planning and surgical training for our surgeons and interventionalists. Additionally, this individual will work closely with experts at the USF Health Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) to utilize 3D printing and extended reality (XR) to advanced research in education and clinical practice. The successful candidate will have a proven track record in medical 3D modeling printing within a hospital or healthcare environment including expertise in segmentation, model creation, and printing.


3D Visualization and Printing
Medical imaging segmentation and computer-aided design, virtual and augmented reality, virtual surgical planning, medical surgical guide design and manufacturing that enhance preoperative understanding and optimize surgical outcomes.

Operational Management:
Oversee the day-to-day operations of the Clinical 3D Printing Lab, ensuring adherence to quality standards, regulatory requirements including FDA, and institutional policies.
Manage resources, including budget allocation, equipment acquisition, and maintenance, to support the lab’s mission.
Track and reporting of 3D printer usage and costs, generating reports for management and stakeholders.
3D printer equipment and supplies management, model post-processing and documentation, lab safety and waste management.

Project Management :
3D anatomic modeling and 3D printing project management
Coordinate the intake and processing process for clients? 3D print request, ensuring timely and accurate execution.
Communicate with clients, staff, students, and customers to provide update on project statuses and address any queries.

Research and Innovation:
Work with the Director of Medical 3D Visualization and Printing and CAMLS experts to support research initiatives leveraging 3D printing and extended reality (XR) technologies for applications such as patient-specific anatomical models, surgical guides, and custom implants.
Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams of researchers, clinicians, and engineers to drive innovation in the field and contribute to academic publications and conferences.

Education and Training:
Work with the Director of Medical 3D Visualization and Printing and CAMLS experts to support educational programs to train healthcare professionals, residents, and researchers on the applications and benefits of 3D printing and XR in clinical settings.
Provide support for students and fellows engaged in 3D printing research.



A master’s degree in Anatomy, Biomedical Engineering, or Computer Science and three years of direct experience would constitute the preferred educational and experiential requirements. Experience as a radiologic technologist or equivalent will also be considered as an alternative.
Experience in supply management and cost optimization.
Proven track record of successful applications of medical 3D printing within a hospital or healthcare environment.
In-depth knowledge of medical imaging technologies, surgical workflows, and perioperative planning preferred.
Familiarity with relevant regulatory standards and compliance in healthcare.

Six years of direct experience can substitute for Master’s Degree (SB 1310).

Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

USF Health

Information for Applicants

This position is subject to a Level 1 criminal background check.

Job Opening Number: 36074

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