Live Here in Tampa

Mornings are spent jogging along waterfront parks. Soak in the sunshine as you walk or bike to work. Noon means a leisurely lunch downtown or take the streetcar to Ybor City for a Cubano. With affordable living and a good salary, your day doesn’t end at 5 pm. You’re off to happy hour trying the latest local brewery concoctions, followed by a game or clubbing or a festival—the options are endless.

Things To Do

Whether it’s adventurous pursuits, bustling entertainment or relaxing in sunshine and ocean breezes, every day is an adventure. You’ll only find this kind of life here.


Nearly every month there’s a lineup of festivals and events with food, fireworks, culture, live entertainment and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Neighborhood Tour

Each district has its own personality and you can experience multiple cultures from block to block. Find out which one fits your ideal lifestyle.

Why it's a great life

Every destination claims to offer the good life. Why is Tampa Bay any different? Well, we’ve got some solid facts and stats to back it up.

Cost of Living

Thinking about moving? Calculate how far your current salary will go in Tampa Bay

House Hunt

See what’s on the market and move into an “I can actually do this” state of mind.