Brad Barrios

Shareholder of Turkel Cuva Barrios, P.A.

I am an attorney and shareholder at Turkel Cuva Barrios, P.A. After graduating from Law School, a job opportunity brought me to Tampa, where I fell in love with the city’s vibrant energy and big city feel.

"I moved here for a job opportunity and never looked back. In Tampa, you can live within a close proximity to the water and downtown for a very low cost of living."

-Brad Barrios

Q. How would you summarize the overall workplace culture of the Tampa area? Is there something that sets Tampa Bay apart?

A. The lifestyle and weather in Tampa contribute to a fairly laid-back workplace culture. Of course, every company, or in my case, law firm, is different, but I think there is an overall feeling that people here don’t want a stuffy environment. Many workers left stuffy environments in Chicago or the Northeast and desire something different here. People in Tampa work hard, but they want to be comfortable and ready to play hard when the work day ends.


Q. To what do you attribute your success?

A. There is no substitute for hard work. But equally important is surrounding yourself with good people. I am fortunate to have co-workers I can rely on. My ability to do my job and my quality of life are both better as a direct result of the people around me.


Q. What advice would you give to young people who just moved to Tampa and are looking for ways to familiarize themselves with the business and social scenes here?

A. People here are friendly, so get out there and meet some of them? There are so many activities, clubs, and social events around town. Find what you are interested in and enjoy and you’ll be sure to fit quickly into the business and social scenes.