Chon Nguyen

Founder & CEO of Newgentek

When Chon Nguyen sees a problem, he knows that there is room for a solution. Nguyen is a successful entrepreneur based in Tampa who has built multiple businesses from that reasoning. Skipping the traditional college route, Nguyen started Digital Aspire; a managed IT firm that he began shortly after high school. While helping out at a friend’s restaurant, Nguyen saw a problem that he believed he could solve—eliminating chef’s discrepancies and individual errors by providing consistency and clarity in professional kitchens.

The resulting app, FusionPrep, now powers approximately 300 kitchens and multiple national chains. Another of Nguyn’s businesses’ is AVIT. Again focusing on the hospitality industry, AVIT handles A/V and IT services for some of the fastest-growing restaurant brands in the country, including PDQ, World of Beer, Tijuana Flats and others.  Yet another business is 212 Digital, a software company that produces digital kitchen solutions for multi-unit restaurants.

Tampa Bay is a rising star and if you’re here, you have a chance to be a part of that and help define what this city will look like 50 years from now. It’s a great time to be living here.

While his businesses may have gone nationwide, Nguyen is passionate about being based in Tampa Bay. When asked what he considers to be Tampa Bay’s best assets he had this to say:

What’s one of Tampa’s best assets?

“I’m incredibly bullish on Tampa Bay. There are so many great people here doing interesting things. Whether it’s Jeff Vinik in Channelside, transformative projects championed by Bob Buckhorn, or the innovation that is happening around restaurants, there is so much to get excited about.”

But when asked to sum up Tampa Bay in three words he kept it simple:

“Get here now!”