Erin Meagher

Founder of Beneficial Blends

I’ve called Tampa Bay home since my teens. I’m now the Chief Coconut at Kelapo Coconut Oil and Founder of Beneficial Blends, a company that produces organic oils. Beneficial Blends has made the Inc. 5000 list for the past three consecutive years, and we’re one of the top 10 fastest growing companies in the region.

"Tampa is a little big city. Restaurants, shopping, professional sports teams—I’m a huge Tampa Bay Lightning hockey fan—we've got it all. I can't think of a better place to grow a company and raise a family."

-Erin Meagher

Q. How would you summarize the overall workplace culture of the Tampa area? Is there something that sets Tampa Bay apart?

A. Tampa’s placement on the map is the key to setting this city apart, for both industry involvement and individual company culture. Located next to the ports, an international airport and upcoming job/home developments, the city of Tampa has easy access for the movement of goods. Being in a temperate climate, close to beaches, hiking and many other attractions brings a unique type of person: work hard play hard. There’s a vast range of cultures, which have brought distinctive advantages to this community and expanded it into the small metropolis we call home.


Q. To what do you attribute your success?

A. There are 3 major keys that play a role in my success: Passion, people and economic development programs. My passion comes from a drive to create a healthy balanced lifestyle, not just for myself but for as many people as I can reach. Once I realized the benefits of coconut oil the passion became the products themselves. Business is all about the people which is why Beneficial Blends is proud partners with the MacDonald Training Center to provide disability-neutral employment to their network of talented individuals. When it comes to economic development programs, the Economic Development Corporation of Tampa has been an effective conduit for my desire to bring more business and talent to my home, Tampa Bay.


Q. What advice would you give to young people who just moved to Tampa and are looking for ways to familiarize themselves with the business and social scenes here?

A. To all the current and future generations looking to expand their horizons, Tampa is the ideal destination for that journey. Tampa has become a city with a phenomenal workforce made up of well-established individuals and a roaring social life. With an abundance of professional organizations and young professional groups there is no doubt that meeting like-minded people will come with ease. From professional sports to waterfront restaurants, the city of Tampa has got it all.