Gina Curry

VP of NextPath Career Partners

Gina is Vice President and partner at NextPath Career Partners. She was born and raised in Tampa, FL, graduating from the University of Florida in 2006.

Gina is a veteran of the staffing industry, accruing 13 years of experience working in a wide variety of roles. She began her career with Veredus in Tampa and relocated in 2009 to open a new office location in Raleigh, NC. After accomplishing her goal of building a perennially profitable office in Raleigh, she returned to her hometown where she is taking on her next challenge at NextPath and building a great company.

Gina is married with two kids and enjoys traveling and being outside in her spare time.

"With the riverfront booming, downtown starting to come alive and neighborhoods like Seminole Heights completely reinventing themselves, Tampa has so much to offer to professionals who are looking for that "live, work and play" lifestyle."

-Gina Curry

Q. Can you share a little about why you chose Tampa Bay?

A. I grew up in Tampa but left 10 years ago to pursue career opportunities elsewhere. When I realized that my hometown was now a vibrant, growing business community it became very easy to come back. In addition to the economic development, the quality of life for my family and the low cost of living that we enjoy here make it a very attractive place to call home.


Q. As a local who returned home from Raleigh, what advice would you give to great talent eyeing the Tampa Bay area as a future home to live, work and play?

A. Tampa is on fire and you need to get here, now! The business climate is becoming a technology and life sciences hub where start-ups are thriving. Tampa has a great professional networking community to help connect employers and entrepreneurs with the local talent.


Q. Please provide a brief quote that mentions your role at NextPath Career Partners

A. At NextPath I help people and companies advance their goals. I’m truly in a business where I can make a difference in a person’s life and help shape the future of a business to reach new heights. I am passionate about people and obsessed with doing business the right way.

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Gina working in the office
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