Hannah Becker

Associate, Gray Robinson’s Tampa office

Hannah Becker is an associate in GrayRobinson’s Tampa office and a member of the firm’s Nationwide Alcohol Beverage & Food Law Teams. She focuses her practice on advising businesses in heavily-regulated industries with regard to compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations that govern the manufacturing, importation, distribution, marketing, sale and consumption of alcohol beverages and other regulated products. She has counseled members of the hospitality industry, unlicensed third party providers, and companies and individuals from each of America’s three-tier system of alcohol distribution concerning licensing, regulatory compliance, Tied-House, marketing, business, trade practice, and novel issues. Hannah earned her B.A. magna cum laude from the University of Florida and received her J.D. from The George Washington University Law School. Prior to joining GrayRobinson, Hannah served as a legal intern for the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America and a legal analyst for Ultra Music Festival.

Q. Can you share a little about why you chose Tampa Bay? 

A. Having been born and raised in Miami, Florida, I was eager to return to my Florida roots after my time in Washington, DC for law school. Knowing I didn’t want to move back to Miami where the cost of living is high and the traffic is saturated, I chose a city with similar characteristics but a much better work-life balance and cost of living—Tampa Bay. I was drawn to the one-of-a-kind places like the Riverwalk (where my fiancé proposed to me) and Bayshore Boulevard, which showcase the natural beauty of the Hillsborough River and Hillsborough Bay, all the while boasting an impressive and trendy food and hospitality scene. The Channel District—where I currently reside—gives me a lifestyle I always envisioned for myself. Its growing social scene and unique food entertainment halls and venues like Sparkman Wharf, Armature Works and Hall on Franklin, gives the residents of Tampa Bay the coveted work-life balance. I find being able to walk to and from work, the gym, the supermarket, appointments, etc. truly priceless. As a young business professional, I value the job opportunities in the area, and as an attorney, I value its large chamber of commerce and legal bar association presence. Tampa Bay has provided me with the opportunity to not only live in a fast growing and up-and-coming city, but also to impact it along the way.


Q. How would you summarize the overall workplace culture of the Tampa area? Is there something that sets Tampa Bay apart?

A. The workplace culture and overall professional network in the Tampa area is very inviting—how can it not be when you both live and work in paradise? The palpable work ethic, and the collaborative spirit compelling people to help others out whenever possible, sets Tampa Bay apart in this regard.


Q. To what do you attribute your success?

A. Much of my success is attributable to teamwork—at home with my friends and family, at work with my colleagues and peers, and in my community with my fellow neighbors and citizens. Tampa Bay has a great sense of camaraderie that made it easier to feel confident in both the business and social aspects of my life. I have built strong relationships with some of the best resources and mentors, forming a trust with them that has enabled me to succeed. Being surrounded by successful professional and community leaders within my job and the community has intensified my professional attitude, driving me to strive for even more success.


Q. What advice would you give to young people who just moved to Tampa and are looking for ways to familiarize themselves with the business and social scenes here?

A. Join professional and community organizations that you align with, such as a non-profit organization or a run club, and introduce yourself to a new person each meeting. I met one of my closest friends in Tampa because we ran into each other in the early morning wearing suits on our way to the same networking event. Explore the restaurant and bar scenes and try to go to new places. Don’t be afraid to stray from your normal routine! Ask friends and coworkers to introduce you to their networks. And lastly, learn about Tampa Bay’s culture, history and politics.

Exploring the food scene on South Howard Avenue with friends calls for the obligatory photo outside of Green Lemon in front of the “You Are Beautiful Mural.”
Celebrating a friend’s birthday in Hyde Park Village. The iconic Swann Avenue “Thank You Tampa Bay” design created by muralist BASK, served as the perfect backdrop for our group photo.
The Hillsborough County Bar Association Young Lawyers Division at CAMP TAMPA after participating in the health and wellness “sweatworking” event organized by Becker.