Julie Curry

Owner of Bake'n Babes

I’m the owner of Bake’n Babes, a local bakery inside GenX Tavern in Downtown Tampa that provides catering services as well as wholesale and retail specialty desserts, ice creams, and paleo granola.

"Tampa is a wonderful, rapidly evolving city. Entrepreneurs who move here now have a unique opportunity to help shape its economic future."

-Julie Curry

Q. How would you summarize the overall workplace culture of the Tampa area? Is there something that sets Tampa Bay apart?

A. There’s so much that sets Tampa apart from other cities. For one, we just elected our first openly gay mayor, which makes us a pretty progressive city. We have a low cost of living, and no state tax, which is a huge bonus for myself and my family. There are lots of places to work remotely, and lots of daylight, so you can be active before and after work- even in the winter time. I love that Tampa is big enough that it still feels like a city, but small enough that people still talk to you. I love the different lifestyles and communities that make Tampa so unique- from South Tampa, to Downtown, Ybor, and the Channel District, all come with very different personalities and vibes. We also have a booming craft beer scene and the food scene is growing rapidly here, which always makes for a fun night out.


Q. To what do you attribute your success?

A. I feel that I’ve been successful here because the Tampa community has been so supportive of my business. I have had so much love and support from all over the community. I would not have been so successful without so many people supporting me.


Q. What advice would you give to young people who just moved to Tampa and are looking for ways to familiarize themselves with the business and social scenes here?

A. For business, there are lots of groups you can join. I’d recommend New Town Connections which is a social club for young business professionals. They decided to skip the traditional happy hour mixers, and instead do fun activities like going to Rays games, or kayaking to network. Babe Crafted is a wonderful group for women in the Tampa/St. Pete area and you network and connect with networking activities, plus this group gives you advice on how to brand and market your business. If you’re looking to be more involved in the community, I would also recommend Junior League, or New Leaders Council. As for the social scene, I’d start following social medias that promote what’s happening in the area. I love This Babe Eats, and she always tells you what fun foodie events are happening in Tampa for the week. She also does food tours on Brew Bus, which would be a fun way to scoot around the town and meet new friends if food is your thing. Stuff To Do In Tampa Bay is another strong social media to follow, which constantly highlights everything going on in our city. You can also pick up free copies of Creative Loafing around town and they have different sections like arts, music, etc so you could go to an event that interests you.

A decadent, stacked cookie sandwich tower
Assortment of key lime pies and cupcakes
Vegan freakshake