Julie Curry

Owner of Bake’n Babes

Need a sweet treat? Meet Tampa Bay native Julie Curry, owner of Bake’n Babes. This local bakery provides catering services as well as wholesale and retail specialty desserts, ice creams, and paleo granola. Bake’n Babes opened their first storefront in The Hall on Franklin, a collective eatery in Tampa Heights that showcases some of the city’s best culinary offerings. But their success story isn’t what you think it might be—it all began with a contest.

While on maternity leave from a medical recruiting company, Curry decided to try something novel—bake a cupcake for the first time and enter the Ybor Saturday Market’s Cupcake Contest. When her French Toast Maple Bacon cupcakes won, fans came clamoring to purchase more delectable goodies. In the time since, Curry has built her bakery and business by collaborating with chefs and stores across Tampa—a fact that makes her success all the more sweet.