Saxon Baum

Business Development Manager at Florida Funders

As a Pittsburgh transplant, Saxon Baum can’t get enough of the Tampa Bay salt life and music scene, but that’s not why he decided to make Tampa Bay his home. He recognized that Tampa possess a rare ability to foster companies with a progressive corporate culture. That’s something that Baum knows the importance of. He believes that it’s what drives talent to stay, that it’s what allows employees to truly buy into the mission and value of organizations. This mantra is something that he’s uses daily in his professional life, as a Business Development Manager at Florida Founders. Baum works to connect local Tampa startups and growing companies with investors. When highlighting how to build a successful company with dedicated employees, there’s a point he just can’t stress enough:

“It’s about being a part of something that’s bigger than just your job, and transparency and visibility into decision making, that’s what’s driving successful businesses here in Tampa.”