Shuchi Vyas

Owner of GuestBox

GuestBox curates luxury essentials and high-end extras for hotels to delight their guests and product companies to reach their target audience.Through our mix of unique toiletries, skincare and snack products, customers are able to boost guest loyalty and enhance the welcome experience. Many of our brands are founded and lead by female and minority entrepreneurs. We customize the inside and co-brand the outside of the boxes as per our customers’ preferences when they are purchasing at volume. GuestBox is a convenient, yet elegant way for our customers to minimize the number of steps it takes to wow a VIP guest. Our boxes have been very well received by guests, that are in turn leaving great reviews and rebooking properties.

"I envisioned my company GuestBox while hosting on Airbnb. As a seasoned traveler, I always strove to give my guests the best experience possible. Part of this meant presenting guests with a personalized 'welcome kit' to help them ease into their stay."

-Shuchi Vyas

Q. Can you share a little about why you chose Tampa Bay? 

A. In the two years that we have been building GuestBox, Tampa proved to be the best community for us. In Austin, it was great to experience the vibrant startup culture, Gainesville was ideal to help us get started and New York is where we have the most customers. I can see us growing a large part of our team here, with a business development and marketing presence in New York. Our fulfillment happens out of Indiana and will continue to for the foreseeable future. Tampa is also growing rapidly and serves as a great vantage point into the rest of Florida’s hospitality market. Oh and the beautiful beaches play a major part !

Q. What does it mean to you for you to be able to grow your business in a city that’s top-ranked for minority business women success?

A. It means that the community rallies for you to grow your business regardless of what you look like and where you come from – that’s unfortunately not true for a large part of this country, still. It means that others that look like me are succeeding here across different fields and that’s incredible motivation. And I think initiatives like the Tampa Bay Wave- Nielsen Foundation Tech Diversity Accelerator that GuestBox is a part of are a testament to Tampa being at the forefront of leading this change, ahead of many other cities.

Enjoying a beautiful sunset in Safety Harbor after a GuestBox meeting
On a Startup Week Panel organized by Suncoast Developer's Guild on 'Women in Tech'
In Tampa Heights
GuestBox is the perfect welcoming gift for your Airbnb guests