Stevie Morgan

Founder of Cater Me Fit

Stevie Morgan, founder of healthy meal delivery service CaterMeFit, describes Tampa as a breeding ground for entrepreneurs. It certainly worked for her budding business—since starting CaterMeFit in 2014, Morgan has won multiple awards for her company, including Startup Scholar Program with the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Best Startup Idea, and was even nominated for Small Business of the Year. It was an idea that was tailor made for Tampa’s booming business scene—healthy, perfectly proportioned ready-to-eat meals delivered straight to the doors of busy professionals throughout Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas & Polk counties.

It was an idea the Morgan got from a personal source—her father. When Morgan, a third-generation Tampa native moved back from Miami, she started cooking and delivering healthy meals to her father. She saw how the impact that regular, healthy meals had on him. The busy executive lost weight, gained energy, and saw an increased quality of life.

But Morgan believes that Tampa Bay is an excellent option for any young entrepreneurs looking to build a legacy:

“Whatever your business is, it has the opportunity to make it, because of the variety of people that live here and the way that things are growing, anything can be successful.”