Taylor Wallace

Digital Nomad & Entrepreneur

As a digital nomad and founder of WeVue, an HR technology firm, Taylor Wallace has the ability to live and work wherever he wants. That freedom led to him moving to Tampa Bay in 2012. After starting a software company in New York City, Wallace found himself frequently traveling between New York City and Tampa Bay. It was then that he fell in love with Tampa. The cost of living was a dream compared to New York, and he was struck by the friendliness and natural beauty of the area. What started as an extended visit turned into an actual home for Wallace, charmed by the people and business opportunities of the area. While he has since moved to work overseas, in his time in Tampa he became a Florida Startup Bus conductor, and co-chaired Ignite Tampa Bay. It was his way of giving back to the community that gave him so much:

“It was all there—the mentorship, the funding, the talent, the opportunities that I would have had to claw for in a larger market.