Tim Moore

CEO of Diamond View

When a video shot on a teenage mission trip elicited a powerful emotional response from viewers, it was a turning point in Tim Moore’s life. Now the CEO of Diamond View Studios, a local Emmy award-winning video production company, it was the first time that Moore recognized the power of film. From Diamonds View’s humble beginning in his childhood home, the business has rocketed to success, specializing in short-form emotionally charged videos. They help brands create visual media to promote their products and services, and have worked with a several Fortune 500 companies and major brands including Gatorade, Purina and YMCA.

"Tampa Bay has so much to offer. We are centrally located, easy to get to and close to whatever interests you—beaches, theme parks, museums, cruises and three major sports teams."

-Tim Moore

Tampa Bay has proved to be the perfect location for his production company to flourish— with a low cost of living and talent-ready workforce, he has been able to build a studio and talent force that is comparable to the LA and New York City heavy hitters. Another reason he’s glad to have found his home in Tampa? The city has an amazing selection of scenic bike trails, something that Moore takes frequent advantage of. Favorites include Courtney Campbell Causeway trail, Flatwoods Park and Upper Tampa Bay Trail.