Why Tampa Bay has a great job market

Did you know that Tampa Bay has the highest number of available jobs in the state of Florida?



Nearly 50,000 jobs are currently open in high-skill, high-wage fields like financial and professional services and tech.


Tampa Bay has close to 15,000 jobs in science, technology and engineering professions right now.


Tampa was ranked WalletHub’s #6 Best Overall City to Find a Job in 2016.


Hillsborough County ranks 4th among U.S. counties in employment growth.


Tampa is the #1 city Americans are moving to now (Realtor.com). Everybody wants to live here—and employers are setting up shop in places people want to live.


No state income tax. Keep more of your hard-earned money, and that’ll add up quickly since Tampa Bay’s wages are competitive with many other major markets in the nation.

Tons of opportunity to be a big fish

In Tampa Bay, it’s much easier to dial in to the local business community and meet people who can help your career thrive. Since so many are newcomers, everyone is eager to learn who you are and what you want to contribute to the city. You’ll quickly find your groove here.

Want to live close to work? You have lots of options

Whether you prefer a modern, urban apartment, a place near the water or a 1920s style bungalow in an old neighborhood, you can find your ideal location within a ten-minute drive of the downtown business district. Don’t mind a slightly longer commute? Enjoy relaxed country living just 30 minutes away from downtown.

More young professionals are coming to Tampa Bay than to Denver, Austin or Seattle

Tampa is ranked #1 among cities with the highest percentage of 20-29 year olds by Forbes, beating other well-known destinations.

Tampa Bay’s entrepreneurial spirit is strong

Want to find a great job now, but launch your own business down the road? You’ll find a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem here.

Tampa Bay’s Major Players

Our economy is fast growing and highly diversified—like the perfect investment portfolio. Tampa Bay has the highest number of available jobs in the state of Florida across a variety of industries. These industries in particular are MVPs in job growth:

  • Financial and professional services
    Major employers include Citi, USAA, JP Morgan Chase, DTCC, Johnson & Johnson, Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sykes Enterprises, PwC, MetLife, and more.
  • Education and health services
    17% of the Tampa Bay economy is driven by this thriving sector.
  • Information Technology
    Everyone from software developers to data scientists to cybersecurity specialists and tech support professionals can find opportunities here.
  • Life Sciences
    Innovate in world-class institutions like Moffitt Cancer Center, M2Gen and CAMLS.
  • Defense and Security
    Tampa Bay is home to MacDill Air Force Base, which houses Central Operations Command and Special Operations Command. More than 90,000 veterans call Tampa Bay home, and many of them pursue careers in defense and security companies that are growing in this area. Employers range from top defense contractors such as Northrop Grumman, CAE, Lockheed Martin, etc.
  • Manufacturing, distribution and logistics
    Tampa Bay is also home to Florida’s largest port, has dedicated rail lines, and is close to major rail and interstate highway systems, making it an easy place to ship goods to millions of customers in the U.S. and Latin America.